Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two feet apart...

This just in: Rumor has it Larry Craig was just opposed to Gay marriage because it would cut down on the number of "washroom hotties."

Of course, Craig has defended himself, explaining that he has a wide stance when in the bathroom. Ironic, seeing he has such a narrow stance on so many topics.

Exclusive Bathroom Video - Judge for Yourself

Yep, we even beat Drudge to it -- exclusive video from the Minnesota Airport Bathroom. See what really happened and judge for yourself.

Funny, it's my 100th post and somehow I'm still talking about crap.

Update: Hat's off (or should it be pants?) to Keith Olbermann for putting together this video of the "lewd in-the-lou interlou:"

Friday, August 24, 2007

Priceless Pokemon

My wife kicked this one my way, which is good because I've been a little lacking in the funny recently (my bad, I'll get back to it soon...I swear).

Anyway, the piece is actually an eBay item. Nope, not the one where the guy's naked reflection is in the tea pot.

It's even better...

Pokemon Cards at the Store...$3.00
Pokemon Cards sold on eBay...$142.51
Reading about the trip to get the Pokemon Cards? That's Priceless

Click here to see the infamous pack of Pokemon Cards that are probably worthless, and the story behind them that is worth every penny.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Six Seconds of Comedy

No, that's not my college nickname (at least it's not what they said to my face...).

I was looking for something else to add to my "blonde vs. brunette" collection (which seems to bring in a lot of hits....hmmm), and I found this beauty.

You can take it either way -- either...
(1) you shouldn't trust an amateur blonde* gym coach
(2) brunettes can be just as gullible as blondes.

*Yeah, I know "amateur blonde" will probably bring in some hits as well. Go figure

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