Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Laziest Loser

So I’ve been losing weight – about 30 pounds actually – and people have been congratulating me, which is nice.

I started to feel pretty proud of my big accomplishment, but then I realized all I’ve really done is stopped eating as much. So basically, what I did was find another area of my life to be lazy.

I mean, if I walked around the same block 3,000 times and lost weight that’s an impressive effort. Insane, but impressive. Kind of funny that most of us will do anything we can to not get off the couch, but we still “dig deep” and find the energy when it comes to lifting food to our mouths. Maybe if we made REALLY heavy plates people would start to pick it up and go “eh, never mind, it’s not worth it….Wonder what’s on Survivor?”

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