Friday, March 09, 2007

Hot Amateur Action

Well, maybe not that hot, but I figured I'd give it a title that would get your attention...and probably bring in some very disappointed web-surfers.

First, there's the misadventures of a squirrel that got into someone's pumpkins - fermented pumpkins. Starts funny, then gets slightly sad, then gets very funny. According to a comment on the YouTube page, the squirrel was fine the next day (like you cared).

Next, there's a hilarious amateur music video, from a guy with great writing and timing, about his family's suspicions - "not that there's anything wrong with that."

What, you want more funny videos? Well, you can click here for a whole page of 'em.

Or, for original content, just click here.


  1. Did you know that this kid has more videos of his songs?

  2. That Boburnham kid is the funniest... Really good timing for someone so young.


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