Friday, June 08, 2007

Damn You Vile Reader

I have to apologize. It's my fault Family Guy went off the air the first time. Oh, and probably the second time. I'll explain...

I was one of those guys, part of that "target demographic," that apparently had something better to do when Fox put it on the air the first time. Like many of you, I was busy. Between waiting for my friends to call so I could answer with "Wazzzzzuuup," trying to download the Cha Cha Slide off of Napster, and waiting up to see the newest episode of "That's My Bush," my time was taken - sorry, Seth.

Of course, FOX gave us another run in 2002, but again I was too busy to tune in. We were a nation at high tension (wondering if Bennifer would make it, that is), slurping down Pepsi Blue and turning to our new guru, Dr. Phil. And again, Seth, we were so so sorry.

Anyway, third time's the charm. I'm not sure I'm the target demographic anymore, but I do watch. Heck, to make up for letting McFarlane and company down the first two times I buy the DVD's. I even watch American Dad, and - let's face it - that was a little tough those first few episosdes.

To further help redeem myself, here's some of the best of the best part of Family Guy - Stewie:

To see more funny stuff, click here. To find out why you were too busy to watch Family Guy, click here.

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  1. I read your blog and panicked - was Family Guy cancelled again? I checked, and it's still FOX's Fall schedule:


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