Monday, March 09, 2009

Always Read the Label

Frequent reader Jim forwarded another great video about a new item from one of my favorite companies, Apple:

But that's not the real news (well, it never was the real news - more like the fake real news, but this is different, it's the "news" that I - oh, screw it). The real news is that Jim has now been added as a label. It's down there at the bottom, take a look, I'll wait...

...Jim (or "jim" in this case) now is in the company of other hallmarks of hilarity, such as blonde v brunette, viagra, amateur, and, of course, urinal.

If you see Jim, be sure to tell him congratulations.

Tell him that and then walk away, very slowly, avoiding direct eye contact.


  1. My goal in life is now to get a post here that includes the tags blonde v brunette, viagra, amateur, and jim

  2. More likely Jim, urinal and amateur


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