Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

You know, I like these new "Please Touch" museums - but I never use their bathrooms. I'm just afraid people get the wrong idea.

Speaking of bathrooms, the other day I headed to the men's room while my wife changed the baby's diaper. When I came out she said "You know, I can change his diaper faster than you can go to the bathroom." That's when the lightbulb went off. She swears that's not what she meant, but I have to admit, her way is faster.

Have you seen these stories in the news where they find someone who's been dead in their house for months and no one knew? Wow. So how do you get that kinda privacy? If I stopped answering the phone for more than a day, the telemarketers would probably send out a search party. Hell, if I turn off my cell phone to take a dump people send out the National Guard. I can't get enough alone time to have a beer, let alone a coronary.

Oh, and speaking of privacy, I've got a question: Just what is the hotel definition of the phrase "Do Not Disturb?" Because it clearly means something different to the hotel staff than it means to rest of us. You put it on your door thinking it'll buy you another hour or so for some sleep, to catch a shower, etc. What it apparently means to the hotel staff is "Do Not Disturb...unless you really don't feel like pushing that cart 5 feet to the next door."

Oh well, I'm gonna grab a shower. Don't worry, I'll have the phone with me.

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