Monday, September 17, 2007

The Optimist on your iPod

You know, just because you can make a podcast doesn't mean you should -- but hope springs eternal for many. Below I've gathered some podcasts obviously made by some of the most optimistic folks on the web.

Talk on you crazy diamonds...

The Wiggly Podcast - That's right, a podcast series on composting. Something to listen to while you watch things rot.

SwineCast - Pig out on these, there's not 12, not 14, but 15 podcasts with all the latest gossip...on the swine industry.

Look at His Butt - This is the most...complete...blogandpostcastever
...William Shatner's ass*.

The Driver Instructors Podcast
- Finally! Now you can zone out while at the wheel while listening to safe driving tips.

Living Healthy: The Insomnia Podcast - Can't sleep? 'Nuff said.

Real Lawn Sense Podcast - This time, it's something to listen to while you watch the grass grow.

Listen Up! Podcast coming soon on Early Hearing Loss - put this one on your iPod and crank it, man!

Oh, and if you make any of these podcasts, or if you have an RSS feed to make sure you get the latest, relax. I'm just kidding around. I'd probably make my own podcast if I wasn't so damn lazy...

...oh look, there's a podcast for that too.

*Yes, I get the joke, but no I don't think the term "William Shatner's ass" is redundant.

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