Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wicked Hardcore Securitay

Attention people of Boston: Not everything that glows is a bomb. First, the city went into hysteria over an ad for Adult they've gone all Rambo over a kid's shirt. One thing about terrorist -- they're rarely that obvious. Oh, and they're rarely art students. Face it, if an art student wanted to cause terror, they'd just put Exlax in the cappuccino's they serve at their day job.

That said, if you're not part of the security detail in the Chowda City, I've got a suggestion for you as well: leave your weird, flashing electronic crap at home. Seriously, nobody wants to see your personal statement on the ethos and the universe when they're trying to get to the Southwest terminal in time to be in the "A" Group. If you really want to shock people, try showing up clean and showered over at the bus terminal.

Here's a similar message, a la video...

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