Monday, December 15, 2008

He shoots - he misses

Choose your favorite one-liner:

Can you believe how fast the President ducked? Must be all that practice on hunting trips with Cheney.

If Monica Lewinsky dodged that fast she'd still have a dress.

Bush moved faster than Tom Foley's page trying to get out of his office.

And they said all that money for dodgeball camp was a waste.

...or submit your own (show off).


  1. "Throwing your shoes - I should have thought of that!" - Nikita Khrushchev

  2. Footwear now banned for White House press corps - booties still OK.

  3. Iraqi journalist gets 3-year contract as next quarterback for the Eagles - details at 11

  4. Well, crap, Jim - you've now officially written more of this entry than I have.

    Also, for what it's worth, I wrote the lame lame duck joke before I saw it on the cover the the NY Post.


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