Friday, December 05, 2008

For the a-hole who has everything

People always ask me*, what's a great funny gift? Usually, I suggest a fake pregnancy test...or a fake death certificate. But enough about that.

If you're looking for something funny to give for the holidays, I've put some suggestions together over at, conveniently laid out with pretty photos -- like a Denny's menu.

Click here to see what you need to!

*by people, I'm including the small voices inside my head.


  1. Hey, that's a funny one. Exactly how DO you fake a pregnancy test in order to give it to someone? Short of using a fine-tipped blue marker, that is.

  2. Hey, I just write jokes, and I'm not sure I could pull this off. However, apparently some people aren't afraid of being killed at the end of a joke:


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