Friday, August 28, 2009

Riddle Me This...

Hey, I know I've been a slacker this summer, but I swear I've got some new posts brewing.

In the meantime, if you're like me you've absolutely run out of quizzes and surveys to take on facebook, so I ventured into the perverse world of over-the-top self-promotion social marketing and wrote my own:

is now available for FREE to all dedicated fans.

(Actually, it's free to everyone, but go ahead, gloat a little.)

Enjoy and spread the word like mono on a marching band trip...I'll be back with more juicy, original bits soon.

Oh, and you can become a fan of the damn thing too - because you know, you've got that kinda time:

Need help with the app? Have a question about it? Leave it as a comment and I'll laugh...and then maybe help.


  1. I haven't done the quiz, yet. Fast math does two things, though. Looks like you're inside of a, that counts as a "regular" blog, right?

  2. what the dickens?
    I thought you wrote it.

    Oh well. Hook, line and sinker, again.
    Still, original or not, welcome back to the blog-a-month club.
    We'll be sending you a sample blog and quiz every month. If you choose to buy it, then you're just not paying attention. They're free.
    Sop, if you're buying, I just happen to have some land for sale about thirty miles east of Daytona Beach.
    You'll be able to enjoy the race from your front yard (?) if you have a really strong telescope...not to mention some yard to throw on your yard.


  3. it almost feels like you're falling back into your old ways, sir.
    C'mon, slacker dude.
    You can do it.
    What was Judy Carter's starter?
    You know what's weird about....?
    You know what's scary about....?
    You know what's hard about....?
    You know what's stupid about....?

    You know what's stupid about me saying this? I have never done stand up at a comedy club.
    But then, every morning I look into the mirror and tell myself I'm an artist!
    (and then...when I'm done laughing, I go get a bowl of cereal and paint)

  4. Aah, Boneman. See how your comment spurred me on? Summer's passing, so I hit the blog with something new ( Although, honestly, how could you *not* make fun of this?

    Steve D.


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