Thursday, November 16, 2006

Abusing the News: Little Wave, Major Confession

CBS News recently presented a piece on the abuse of the elderly. Apparently this is a growing problem for our older citizens. Of course, for younger generations that want to avoid being abused as a senior, eating red meat, smoking and driving fast are good tips.

Yesterday, General John Abizaid, chief of the U.S. Central Command, suggested it was time for "Major Change" in Iraq. After this announcement, several Majors across Iraq offered to be the first ones changed.

Also yesterday, a tsunami that threatened Japan delivered a wave of only 16 inches. The only time 16 inches causes hysteria at the beach if when it's wrapped in a towel on Fire Island.

Speaking of surprising events, I'm sure you've heard that O.J. Simpson has published a book that explains how he would have killed Nicole and her boyfriend if he did it. Is this all part of his master plan to flush out the real killer, or is it the "confession" the publisher has called it?

Either way, I'm betting John Karr is pissed that O.J. got to confess to it before he did.


  1. That OJ book sounds disgusting. I can't believe anybody would publish that sheeet. What an insult to the victim's families. I am boycotting the book and hope everyone else does too.


  2. Anyone seen a good funny oj book video yet?


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