Friday, November 24, 2006

The all-new, all-faboo Walmart?

Two Conservative Christian groups that had threatened a boycott of Walmart and Sam's Club on Black Friday called it off, which is good.

Had the challenge to Christians not to shop at the mega-retailers gone forward, the results would have been devastating...
...I can just imagine all those empty churches. (Oh come on, if the average red-blooded/red state family had to choose between church and cheap porch furniture, who would you bet on?)

The best part is the reason behind the planned boycott: That Walmart was "pro-gay." I mean, really, is there anything farther from gay than Walmart?

Don't get me wrong. I'm pretty sure Walmart isn't anti-gay. If you show up at the cashier and try to pay with your Divas of the Stage Specialty Check, I'm sure they'll take it.

But pro-gay?

I mean, the employees wear vests -- and not leather ones, blue nylon-blend vests. They specialize in things like NASCAR memorobilia and Larry the Cable Guy DVD's...
...and all their lube products are in the automotive department.

Somehow I think Walmart is still clearly within the bounds of hetero-friendly shops.

And as for their Sam's Club -- if they were really worried about a shopping club being pro-homosexual, don't you think they'd start with the one called B.J.'s?!

But wait, there's more (UPDATE)

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