Monday, January 08, 2007

Of Oil, Gas and Grass - News in Review

In a top story today, a strange gas odor filled New York City. The stench was so bad the squirrels in Central Park were seen covering their noses with their nuts. (I hope Letterman doesn't have a patent on the whole squirrel/nuts genre.) Anyway...

Some top scientists now think we that we may have found life on Mars thirty years ago...and accidently destroyed it with the testing process. Apparently it was part of a "No Microbe Left Behind" program.

In other science news, there is new hope for using stem cells found in amniotic fluid. It seems there's been some confusion over this at the White House...most of it on how to pronounce "amniotic."

Meanwhile, in Oslo, Norway, a prisoner escaped from his jail cell by rubbing vegetable oil on his naked body and the slipping through the steel bars. He will be performing this act again Friday at the Backslide Cafe in Dupont Circle, DC.

This guy from Norway could probably help a Nassau County correction officer who was caught trying to sneak in marijauna, stuffed inside some Cannoli. Apparently he misunderstood that the easiest was to sneak drugs into prison was stuffed inside a patsy.

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