Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

There’s something I’ve been tempted to blog about, but I held back, so I wouldn’t look mean-spirited – until now. I'm not really ranting about this, but it does make me wonder.

Here’s what started it: The other day I was driving behind a car with one of those ribbon magnets on it. Now, I think the whole ribbon thing is a little over-played, but it’s a free country and I get it, you support something, you love old Tony Orlando songs, and you need something to cover that dent from when you backed into a parking meter.

I’m a big supporter of our troops, so I get the “Support our Troops” ribbon, the “Bring Our Troops Home Safe” ribbon, the somber “MIA” ribbons. I also get the Cure Cancer ribbons – even the Raise Autistic Awareness ribbons. Good causes, nice message.

But this ribbon wasn’t for any of those things.

This ribbon was to announce that the driver had,

get ready,

adopted a cat.

Don’t start bitching at me yet, I love animals – especially with a good sweet and sour sauce (just kidding…I prefer General Tso…anyway) – but I don’t think adopting a cat is worthy of it’s own ribbon magnet.

Now, if Fluffy wants to get together a few thousand of her feline friends and go help calm things down in Iraq, I’ll reconsider. But for now, if you get a cat, just let the smell and hair announce it to the world.

Which brings me to the topic I’ve been sitting on for a while…

This same driver had one of those license plates that features a special graphic and message for a particular cause. When you buy the plate, part of the money goes to the relevant cause.

This one was, of course, to support adopting pets.

Here’s my only problem with this. When you sign up for the plate, there are a few other choices you can support, you know things like Finding a Cure for Cancer or for Stopping Domestic Violence...

…and I’m pretty sure you get to see ALL of them when you sign up.

So, if you really think about it, isn't displaying a "adopt a pet" license plate the same as saying "Sorry about your Grandma's cancer -- if she were cute and fuzzy I'd care more?"

(Ok, I guess it was a rant after all.)


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