Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pratically Dripping

Well, Spring is here, which means it's time to put away the sweaters.

Kind of a weird name if you think about it: sweaters.

I mean, they're actually a somewhat dressy piece of clothing.

I guess you'd call them upscale casual -- kind of the Olive Garden of the clothing world.

Yet there it is: the word "sweat" right in the beginning. Like you go to your closet to pick something out to wear for a nice evening (like first dinner with the girlfriends' parents) and you think "what do I have the just screams 'perspiration'?"

Nobody really wears these things to help with sweating, do they? Ironically, if you're wearing a sweater and you actually do sweat, most people take them off -- as if it's a big surprise. Like getting on a ride called the boucinator and complaining that it "goes up and down too much."

Maybe they should call them "cozies" -- you know, like the things you put on beer cans...
...or "static generators." Either one would be more accurate if you ask me (but no one ever asks me...ever).

Then they could use the name sweaters for more appropriate pieces of clothing... flannel boxers, for instance.

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