Thursday, October 25, 2007

Digging a Digg

Thanks to Digg user Noah Hayes for supplying this junior high no-friggin-way funny bit:

He found a site for BJ Services...which is mildly humorous on it's own.

But it gets better:

They specialize in, among other things, "Pumping Services"...

...and "Tubular Services"


...wait for it...

"Completion Services"

Because let's face it, you wouldn't call BJ Services Company if you didn't want the Completion Services.

Oh, and they have a "GO BJ" icon. Kinda sounds like a cheer or something. They should put it in a jingle. Something catchy. You know, something you could hum along to. Maybe something that would get stuck in your head. Well, maybe not that catchy.

It's safe to say, now that they've caught the attention of Digg, I'm sure BJ Services will be a big hit. Heck, I bet it won't be long before BJ is on everyone's li...

...never mind.

1 comment:

  1. You missed the best of all from their web site: "Stimulating Innovation Worldwide"

    The Company Profile also lists "downhole tools" as part of their core business


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