Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flake-free Shampoo

You know, the "Wash, rinse and repeat" instruction on shampoo bottles has been used in countless jokes...

...but did you ever think that maybe the instruction itself is a joke. An inside joke - on how those of us lost in the masses live lives of quiet repetition. We wash, we rinse, we go about our boring lives - and then we repeat. Perhaps it's a wink and nod at how silly we are...

...how we are the "Great Washed."

Somewhere, perhaps there's a Illuminati, an elite rank, that wash their hair some days, shave it off the next*, put it in dreadlocks the day after and so on, laughing in their smugness and how droll life is for the rest of us. Perhaps their secret lizard race doesn't even need shampoo, and the endless cycle is another way of keeping us in check.

In fact, maybe their control is through the shampoo. Think about it - most of the people that believe in the Illuminati probably don't wash. or rinse. or repeat.

It would mess up their aluminum foil helmets.

(*I know, who would've thought that Britney was an Illuminati. Some things we're just not supposed to understand.)


  1. lol ive never heard that before!
    nice stuff!

    linked u back btw

  2. there's a technorati link train at my blog!

    you read more about it there!
    The Link Train!


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