Sunday, January 27, 2008


So, there's a new social networking site for those refusing to age gracefully.

It's called

Reviews are mixed. Some said the site looked fake and unable to express emotion. Still hopes are high for members from the growing number of babyboomers hitting retirement age.

Like those diabetic shakes, the site is available in different flavors. The ad-free version is supported by a subscription. The fees currently run $5 for 1 year, $20 for one decade or $25 for a lifetime membership. Of course, for smokers, the lifetime membership is only $14.95.

The free version will be supported by advertisers. The advertising sales force was vague on who would be sponsoring the site, though. When asked what products would be targeted at the site's older members, all their advertising contact would say was "Depends."

In addition to erectile dysfunction ads, members can except to see ads from a new ED placebo. This blue shaped pill may cause hearing loss or vision problems; however, it does nothing to improve male performance -- but does help his wife get more sleep. The pill will be marketed under the name "Cryagra."

The site will be available in large-print, and will include a built-in instant messaging interface. Technologically challenged members can opt to have the instant messages sent to them via postcard instead.

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