Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Temporary Parking

The other day I saw a gentleman with a handicapped parking tag - one of the ones that hang from the rear view mirror. This one was high tech, with the person's photo on it...

...and an expiration date.

Now, if I've got this right, this means that somebody at the DMV has to look, say, a double amputee in the eye and tell him he has to come back in a few years to make sure he's still disabled.

You know, if you're in a wheelchair now, and somehow in four years you're not, I say keep the good parking space. Are they afraid people will chop off their hand, put in the freezer, go get the pass and then sew it back on?

Oh, and the guy I saw seemed to have one disability - old age. Trust me, he's worried about things expiring -

- but not his parking tag.

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