Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bleeding Edge Technology

German users of the MacBook Air have reported that the front edge of the new soul laptop is sharp enough to cut flesh.

Although one might think this was a flaw, secret insiders report that what the German users actual have is a prototype for a new MacBook that somehow leaked into the retail stream.

The new laptop - to be released on an upcoming rainy, dreary day when you wish the world would just end already - is the MacBook Emo. In addition to the razor sharp Finally Something to Feel(TM) front edge, the new laptop will be painted flat black and will come preloaded with every Morrissey song ever released.

The operating system is largely unchanged for the the new MB Emo, however system crashes are now reported on a screen that says "System Error at...you know, never mind, you don't understand - no one does."

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