Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh, the Pressure

You know the saying "I feel like I've got the weight of world on my shoulders?" Yea, the one that refers to Atlas. No one knows who came up with that saying*, but I've got a feeling it was a woman.

Why, you ask? (Ok, so you didn't ask, but you didn't click "Next Blog" either, so here it comes...) Because when you say that to someone there's an almost subconscious response where they want to rub your shoulders. And, as you probably know, to most men shoulder-rubbing is like the summer prime time TV schedule: not outright painful, but certainly nothing that we asked for.

My suggestion? Glad you asked. (See how this asking thing works?) Men should start changing up the phrase. Example: "I feel like I've got the weight of the world in my lap."

Oh, I know - the first woman that hears it probably won't start massaging your worries away, but eventually - like a democrat winning an election - it could happen.

And that would sure beat watching a summer of reruns...

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