Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Child By Any Other Name

A side-step from the usual "made up" nonsense - sometimes truth is funnier than fiction:

When I first saw this story on Yahoo, I assumed they had been conned into believing an old urban legend. You know, one of those "I swear this is true" stories about how kidnappers are hiding in garbage cans so always hit them with a bat before you take them out stories that your gullible uncle always sends.

If you follow Snopes at all, you know the one I'm talking about: some activist conservative judge (I thought Fox News said that was an oxymoron? anyway...) takes away mothers' rights to name their children after some sad examples.

Well, it turns out Yahoo was right and I was wrong. An apparent activist judge has taken away a parent's right to name their child...especially if the name they chose was "Talula Does the Hula." Sadly, U.S. Courts probably won't recognize the New Zealand precedent, leaving little hope for "Richard Hertz,""Amanda Deunow," and "Irma Teetzbeggar."

Oh, and what is the new name for the-child-formerly-known-as Talula, etc.? The court didn't say, but you can be sure it was picked from a list of previously allowed New Zealand names...

...which, by the way, include the moniker "Violence."


Anyway, now back to the fictional jokes and comedy.

Oh, and maybe you should stop deleting your uncle's e-mails -- there just might be a new pill to give your car 200 miles per gallon.

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