Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just a Thought

If you've been watching this blog recently, anxiously awaiting for a sign of life, well...well, that's a little sad.

Anyway, I've got new stuff coming, and in the meantime I've brought back my bloglist (it's over there on the right somewhere. Don't look now though, it's rude to look away when you're reading a blog post.) I had an extensive list of blogs on the old template, and if you own one that hasn't been linked to since the transition then I apologize; I'll try to bring back more faves soon.

That said, the blog that receives the priceless privilege of being first on my new blog roll is Thought Volcanoes.

To explain the entire connection between the author of Thought Volcanoes and yours truly would probably be long and boring - and while that normally doesn't stop me, I'll spare you today. Suffice to say that I've been reading commentary from the blogger over at "TV"* since blogging consisted of late night phone calls on a cordless phone with an antennae so long you could use it to get cats out of trees.

*Good friends can abbreviate it -- don't let me catch you doing it.

(Have a blog that links to Then send me a comment and I'll try to return the favor.)

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