Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Driven to Distractions

So, I was gonna go to the DMV today, but I accidentally showered and shaved this I'll have to wait a couple of days.

Have you noticed this? Everyone in line in the DMV looks like they clearly need a license, because it's apparent they've been walking - without a comb, change of clothes or a mirror - for the past week or so.

What I don't get are the statistical odds. I mean, just about everybody needs a license, which means that after a few visits you should eventually see a few more folks that looked like they had a job, home - or anywhere besides a meth clinic - to go to after their time in motor vehicle purgatory. But somehow I always dodge those folks....

I think if a sociologist from an alien race studied your average DMV waiting room he would have to deduct that we have maximums on the IQ and income of people we give licenses to. And the good news is, an alien wondering around the DMV probably wouldn't even seem out of place.

1 comment:

  1. You know, it's funny you mentioned this.
    (and, being a comedian, I am more than positive you're happy about that....)

    But the thing is, anymore when I go, I always hope for an easy test.
    Yeah...58 years old and I still check the wrong box. It's not my fault!
    Say the question is: If you're driving up to an intersection and the light turns yellow, you should:
    A. Stop right away, then drive up to the intersection,
    B. slow down and stop at the intersection,
    C. Speed up and get under the yellow light,
    D. SLAM on the brakes with BOTH FEET!

    I ALWAYS go for the comedy answer....D.

    (when I feel truthful...I mean, why lie, right?...I answer C.)

    (I usually ace the test the second time.)


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