Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laugh 'til it hurts

I know they have their own site, but if you missed this on Funny or Die, it's worth taking a look...


  1. Well, now you've gone and done it!
    It's BROKE!
    ....and you're going to have to fix it!
    We'll be sending a space shuttle over to pick you up and fly you to outerspace where you will climb out and test all the exterior switches involved with the transmission.
    Oh, I know they could check down here, first.
    Maybe you're missing just one letter or number.
    Maybe you tried to load it on Tuesday between 10 AM and 4 PM, and weren't aware of the folks having their lunch then.
    So, why fly you out there to the space station, first, you may ask...
    "uh...why send me out to the space station, first" you asked.
    Because if you go, that's funnier than missing a letter somewhere!

  2. In response to the comment you left on today's Blog of Note, the Google Friend Connect gadget is currently experiencing an outage, which began early today.

    Just doin' my job, sir. Keeping the blogosphere a better informed place. :)

  3. Thanks for the update. I think it's funny (in a sad way) that I went out of my way looking for an more stuff to "follow" ...as if twitter, facebook, etc. weren't enough.

    Keep writing (and reading)

  4. wow, I hadn't seen this before, it's hilarious! I love the guy at the end who says, "I'm not being sarcastic about any of this, not at all," haha!


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