Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Special Interest Group?

Well, the elections are only a few weeks away, so the Democrats are trying to gain control and the Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the President and every page boy's #1 fan, Mark Foley.

With every vote needed, I'm sure the candidates are courting all the fringe voters, like this group:

I know, I know -- you're out there saying "that's mean." Hey, I'm just joking around; I really don't mean to offend anynoe.

Seriously, I'm just making a joke (it's what I do).

But you know what I think is offensive to people to with dyslexia...

...calling their condition DYSLEXIA. I mean, that's like a 28 point Scrabble word right there. They don't even use that word at spelling bees. Homeschooled kids spell it wrong.

All I can figure it's done to gather sympathy. You're there, reading about people who get the letters mixed up when reading and you come to it:

" d-i-c-l... damn this sucks!"

If there was ever a condition that needs an acronym, this is it. I suggest we rename dyslexia something like "Scrambled Syllable Simplex," you know, "SSS" for short.

That way, when someone with dyslexia has to read about it, they get to "SSS" and get it right on the first try. You know, kind of a confidence builder.

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  1. What about:
    ...AND I VETO!

  2. Bwahahaha! You're STUN! c",)

  3. That's hilarious. And while we are on the topic, what's up with the G/T programs at schools? Gifted and Talented. It's not enough that you are gifted, you are also talented??? Are there any talented people with no gifts?

    Or gifted yet no-talent people? Oh yeah, Congress.

    You'd think all the gifted and talented people in the area of verbal skills would rise up aganist the redundancy of their label.



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