Friday, October 20, 2006

The Stevie D. Factor


(The above random -- generally inane -- thought brought to you by the good kids
at, brought to my attention by A Blog Around the Clock.)

More about Stevie D.:

For the sake of argument, let's agree to the false premise that I'm a member of a private witness relocation program. This blog is the work of one person who makes a promise that at least some of the information here, including parts of this bio, are fictional.

Seriously (yeah, right) I'm just a guy that likes to make fun of things and thought it would be a great blog. Seeing many blogs are bluthering blow-hards crying how their favorite politico is being mistreated, I think I may have been right.

The main purpose of the blog is to write original, funny material, but...well...I've also been known to pass on a few gems from my mailbox and I include frequent video clips that I find funny, because that's what you kids like.

I don't really want your e-mail competing with all the letters I get from the relatives of dead rich people from foreign countries (which take a lot of time...I've been wiring funds to them for *months* and still don't have my check), so I don't post my e-mail address here. To contact me, leave a comment here (or just go around saying what you want out loud to random people and hope for the best).
To really make my day (which is what you're after, right?), add a link to from your blog. If I notice, I tend to reciprocate with a link from here -- after the initial giddiness wears off, that is.

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