Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Trademark Threat for Apple?

Will Jobs and Company be Able to
Beat Something "Bigger Than the Beatles?"

Just when Apple Computer thought the matter was settled, it appears there may be more legal squabling over the "Apple" trademark. The Cupertino-based company most recently defended their iconic trademark successfully in last spring's decision against Apple Records, publisher of the Beatles Music.

However, now a third party is rumored to be considering action. There is now speculation that God is considering making a legal claim, not over the music service, but at a trademark at the very core of the company. At the center of the Almighty's claim is that the word "Apple" was first used as a trademark for His creation, a portable package of frutose, fiber and water that has been in use for thousands of years.

Possibly even more astonishingly, it appears if this case moves to court that God will represent Himself. When asked about this, a spokesperson for the Almighty would only say that God has "very limited access" to lawyers.

Bittersweet Outcome for Apple?
Can God, who never filed for a U.S. Trademark and has never defended the trademark in the past, win a legal battle against the iPod maker? Legal minds are divided on the issue, but it appears in this case, winning may be worse than losing for Apple Computer. Hacker blogs are indicating that God has a "Plan B": If He loses the case, it's rumored that He has already created a virus to infect iPods throughout the world.

Code-named "," the virus works by convincing one of the iPod processors that it is better than the others, which ultimately causes the machine to malfunction and play back a continuous loop of odd, shrieking sounds.

(Thanks to Jim for the great idea behind this post!)

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