Tuesday, October 24, 2006

With Apologies to the Masochists

You know who you are. You've come here before, maybe several times, and tortured yourself by trying to read my blog with Firefox.

Well, the self-inflicted pain of trying to decipher my decidedly un-firefox-friendly layout is over...or at least reduced.

With some help from kind souls at netscape.public.mozilla.general who were kind enough to look at my "trainwreck" of code, I think I've managed to make my blog more tolerable for Firefox users.

It's still a little congested in Firefox, and a little bland to look at (yeah, I know, and to read sometimes), but at least its a little smoother. A whole template overhaul is in order, but I wouldn't hold your breath...

...unless you're in to that kind of thing.

P.S. I also fixed my factorizer code so that my last post should actually show you cool, random facts about me. Sorry for the glitch.


  1. I'm here with Firefox, it's OK. Just the blog is small than the 1/2 of the page.
    Is it normal?

  2. Well "1/2" the page depends on the size of your monitor. Currently it's about 750 pixels wide, and *ideally* it would be centered (it is in IE). Thanks for checkin' it out...and for the feedback.

    Keep laughin'
    Stevie D.


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