Friday, August 25, 2006

Beating the Bush

Don't know if you listen to Sean Hannity, but a few days ago he apparently advocated the covert overthrow of any national leader that (1) suppresses the will of his citizens and (2) causes unrest in the Middle East. I took advisors three hours to convince President Bush that Sean wasn't talking about him.

It's was a bad week for Bush. Presidential hopeful John McCain came out this week, suggesting that the President may not have a handle on the situation in Iraq. Senator McCain followed this with a few other equally startling accouncements: New Coke was a bad idea, Disco is just a fad, and that youngest Jackson kid is a little "odd."


  1. This reads like a bad Leno joke... I mean that in a good way

  2. Well, I was going for more of a bad Letterman joke, but I'll take what I can get. least you didn't say it was like a bad Ferguson joke. (Just kiddin' Craig, stop your crying.)


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