Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Voice Activated ATM

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There’s a bank commercial where a teller helps a lady get her card back from an ATM machine and then an older gentleman, thinking it’s a talking ATM, asks for a withdrawal. Very cute in an Art Linkletter kind of way.

Well, I had a similar experience recently:

I’m on my way to purchase something from our local convenience store. Not wanting to plop down plastic for a dollar-and-change purchase, I go across the street to a bank ATM. With the sun glare I can’t see at first that the machine is down for maintenance, so I try to put my card in.

On about the third time I decide the right thing to do is yell at the machine (that’s what they’re for, really), so I gripe “Come on BITCH!”

…and I hear a female teller’s voice from the other side: “It’s CLOSED right now…bastard.”

(Ok, I added the bastard, but it would’ve been true if she did say it.)

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