Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Floor Drain

One thing I've noticed about having kids:

There's a period of time while they're growing up when your house is basically coated in pee.

Washing your hands is like waving to Stevie Wonder -- there's nothing wrong with it, but it's really not productive.

From the time kids are potty trained until they come to understand the importance of personal hygience (from around age 2 to 8 for girls, age 3 to 25 for boys), kids use the bathroom with the same rules as horseshoes -- close is good enough. Water is optional, soap is a hassle and towels are unnecessary...or can be used in place of water.

My advice: clear out your powder room and put in one big floor drain, one big shower head and one big bottle of Purell.

(P.S. Even though the President didn't wave, the jokes are still funny...)


  1. Thanks for the correction Steve.Here is one for you. Should it be "My Advice"? In your paragraph about the potty training? :)LOL

  2. Thanks for the catch! Keep readin...

    -Stevie D. (


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