Sunday, September 10, 2006

Couple Quick Bits: Venison and Nana's Munchies

So Disney/ABC has been accused of spinning the facts in Path to 9-11 to make it pro-conservative. What's next?

A revised Snow White where the dwarves are beaten for trying to form a union?
A new NRA-sponsored Bambi with the moral "hey, Mom had it comin' to her?"

In other news, recent studies indicate that Marijuana use is up with people in their fifties, but drug use is down among teens. Sounds like Grandma's "Potting Shed" is a lot more hip than used to be...but your kids still don't want to spend time there.


  1. You are very funny indeed. So much so I'm bookmarking your blog. Thanks for the laughs, always a great thing. I love comics even more than poets actually. Cheers!

    P.B. Adams

  2. Thanks! (Of course, now that I know someone's actually reading my blog, the pressure will set in...)

    -Stevie D.


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