Saturday, September 09, 2006

Those Wacky Foreigners

First, if anyone knows German (man, I hope it's German), take a look at this post and tell me what the hell this product from Bic is supposed to do...
...and where I can get one (if my wife reads this, remember honey, they're just jokes):

From "Trainbuk: Zichtenmafia"...note the "Nothing but the Truth..."

Then there's a post with tiny little world leaders:

Take a peak at a "Mini-Bush" and "Mini-Pope"

Instead of Camp David, they could meet in a pillow fort. Of course, Bush would probably be too busy giggling at the Pope's little hat to get any work done.

Yeah, I know I could probably paste the German blog in at Alta Vista Babel Fish, but it's easier (for me, at least) to wait for one of you to do it. And there's probably German slang in it (like in those old Falco songs) that Babel Fish would get wrong...


  1. hey there, it's a cigarette lighter. and sorry, can't find a company page on the web. strange.

  2. ciao, se vuoi trovare il migior commercio di pesce presente in europa con i migliori prezzi sul mercato visita il nostro sito:pescheria


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